BRICKServer® 2

BRICKServer® 2 Secure Web Server Appliance with its Process-Based Security model uses mandatory access controls directly embedded into the operating system. This creates a virtually impenetrable secure web server appliance. It includes WEB, E-MAIL and FTP software. The system has withstood the rigors of penetration testing by Sandia National Laboratories, the U.S. Army, various system integrators, and countless hackers since it's availability in 2000.


No Patching Required
SAGE emphasizes its commitment to the Internet community by eliminating the headaches of patch management with a built-in security policy approach.

What is Process-Based Security (PBS)?
PBS is a security model that replaces user-based access (Discretionary Access) with process-based access (Mandatory Access Controls), invoking Rules of Least Privilege and Separation of Duties.

Process-Based Security (PBS) prevents unauthorized access to system level function, thereby creating a secure web appliancer.

BRICKServer is easy to install and maintain, therefore reducing IT expenses.

The rigorous system-level security requires fewer hardware resources allowing the server to run more efficiently

BRICKServer 2 Technical Specifications